Guys Are So Simple

They really aren't hard to get along with and are most are just about cool with nearly everything. I also find that guys are more loyal than girls as well.

Most girls will ditch all their friends the minute they're in a relationship while guys will try to spend time with their new girlfriend, but they will not push their friends aside. When they say "bros before hoes" most guys mean it. Girls will say something like that when they're single and forget it the minute they aren't anymore.

Guys are ruled by logic, which causes less drama in the end as girls are ruled by emotion.

Guys forgive a lot easier than girls and they often don't even get mad as easily. It's one thing if you're their girlfriend, but if you're just their female friend, they don't really have many expectations of you because, hey, you're just a friend of theirs. They're not dating you. Guys don't really hold grudges either.

To be honest, I don't find guys to be all that difficult as friends. They are pretty easy to me. Even in a relationship, they're a bit harder but I still don't find them that difficult to figure out. I don't know why so many girls complain that guys are from mars. To me it's simple. :/

To be honest, I feel sorry for guys sometimes. I find girls to be difficult as just friends at all, even if you're a girl yourself. If girls are complicated in friendship, I can only imagine how they must be in a relationship. O.O
And on top of that, guys have to deal with us girls saying that THEY are from mars when, in my opinion, it's actually the other way around. Guys are easy as friends and not as easy in a relationship, but still deal-able. If girls are difficult as friends, I don't want to imagine them in a relationship. Sometimes I feel like guys get the worst end of the deal when it comes to relationships. :/

I feel so weird writing this considering I am a girl myself...
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I'm sorry but this is the most generic / stereotypical stuff I have ever read.

Guys are THIS, girls are THAT, if you view the world and think about it like as in black and white, you don't have a very accurate view of this world.

Don't hate me now for saying this, this is just constructive criticism. Don't see this as an insult or an attack or something. I just can't stand people in general that stereotype so much.

And yeah yeah, I know, I am looking at a post that is two years old. But that ain't changin' SHET! c:

Guys aren't really afraid of telling you if they don't like you and girls gossip about it. Guys don't have drama so they won't talk about that for hours.. :)