I Barely Have Any Female Friends.

In school, most of the guys are idiots, and I have one idiot guy friend, and I can barely stand him. I have two friends that are female. Online, it's a totally different story. I have... one female friend, and about thirty to forty guys I talk to, ranging from age 13 to over fifty. Personally, I like my online friends better, and as a matter of fact, one of them, I like more than just a friend, and wish I could meet him in person. He's my age, and I really like him. He seems to like me too. I know he's my age, because he frequently makes videos on his YouTube account, (that's how I met him), and you can clearly see he's under 18. I think he likes me too; I'm sure he'd like a girl that likes high voltage. He even told me that he works out and all, hehe. He's kinda cute too. But yeah, I have mainly guy friends, and talk to another guy who's 19 quite often, especially at night. Even though we don't "like" like each other, we talk some weird stuff, as well as experimental stuff, too. Hehe! Then there's the forum I go on--4hv. The IRC on there, most people hate me, some people tolerate me, and some people are friendly. One of them just pulls the banhammer on me so many times... he pulled it on me day before yesterday. He didn't tell me when I could get back on, though. Oh well, I still can't talk to my other friend, who I need to stay up till 4:30 to talk to. That was fine over the summer, I did that all the time. Not fine now when I need to get up at 6AM for school! Then there are my other YouTube friends. :P One of them is a weather nut and I've known him for 3 years. He's 45 though, lol. The one that overlaps all categories, is the one I talk to at night. I talk to him on the IRC sometimes, I talk to him over the gmail IM-er, and I met him on YouTube. lol!
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Are you getting enough exercise? I'm worried whether you get enough exercise.

*pokes at belly* enough that I don't gain or lose any weight. Running to my classes at my giant school is enough lol