Male Friends

I tend to get along better with men.  I appreciate their straight-forwardness.  If I ask a man for an opinion, they'll generally tell me the truth and not what they think I want to hear.  I also feel that they are a lot less judgemental.

Most of my female friends are at least ten years older than me.  I'm not a competitive person and many women my age or younger seem to want to compete with me, for some reason.  Older women tend to tell it like it is.  I like that.

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It's your eyes. They get lost in them and always want to tell the truth to please a Goddess such as yourself.<br />
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I like what you've written and agree with you my friend.

Yes, I've been told this before! If it's true, so be it. They can picture all they want but they can't have me. :P <br />
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I was friends with a guy for 15-plus years, strictly platonic. He confessed to me once that he had always fantasized about me sexually. He never got me, but we stayed friends for years, until I moved away and we lost touch. I'm talking about the guys who still think I'm worth sticking around for, even if they don't get me into bed. There have been a few, and they have become friends that I would hate to lose.

Maybe it's just me, and Harry from "When Harry Met Sally", but I don't think I'd be capable of being a close friend to a woman. The sex thing always gets in the way, as Harry said. Not only from my end, but I've had cases of women who I considered friends and they became interested in me and I ALWAYS hated hurting someone like that, having been on the other side so many times myself! ;)<br />
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I've never really talked about it with other men, but since it made it into a movie it must be a fairly common thing. So, be aware angel, some of those men are probably picturing you unclothed! lol.