Bully Wedgie

One day at school i was walking out of math to go to the bathroom. I got into the bathtoom when i was cornered by jamie mcalpine and hunter cote. Then alex braley and ben lee came in. The all surronded me a gave me an all around wedgie then punched me in the balls. I fell to the ground in pain. Ben then sat on my back and pulled my boxer briefs up to my head. They then hung me on the stall and left. Before they all left they took one long tug each until they were almost at my head. After an hour Ben cam back in and continued to yank on my underwear. i was so mad that they wouldnt rip. He tucked it on my chin and hung me by the leg holes. And left for last period. I was hanging there and billy and tyler came in and took me off the hook. I was about to say thanks when they pulled the front of my underwear up and kept yanking till i lt was over my head and hung me back but in the front. Ben and alex came back in and asked who did this. I told then and they said that theycwould let me unpick the front. I did and when i did they yanked up again and hung me back up. They waited for school to end and when it did alex's camr in his car and got us. They put me in the front seat and pulled my underwear over the back for the whole ride. When they got to alex's house they went inside and alexs dad called my mom and said i was staying the weekend. Then alexs dad and brother said they were doing it all wrong. They came over too me and ripped my underwear strait off it hurt like hell. Go to part two for more
thebeast99 thebeast99
36-40, M
May 9, 2012