Bully Wedgies Pt 2

He laughed and grabbed two pairs of size 50 boxerbreifs. I dnt know where he got them but they were huge. He tied a rope through the leg holes. And raused it to the thick branch on a tree. I was 3 feet off the the ground and i just kept going down down down until i was only a foot off tue ground. They took me of and completely rapped me in the underwear. I had to stay like that the whole say get a super high yanl every hour. The next day i was aloud to picl the wedgie and rest. That night there was a huge party with like 30 college and highschool football players. I was about to go upstairs when two jocks grabbed me and started wedgie bouncing me then they ripped the under wear clean off. They just kept doing all kinds of wedgies and then start the swirlies they wedgies me and gave me swirlies then the hung me on the door and stated partying then one of the jocks started to lift me like a weight it hurt. The hunter cote came over and just kept swinging me by my underwear. I was in so much pain i accedenly kicked bem in the balls.it was funny but then he hung me on the tree and han alexs dad hang off me till they ripped they did that 4 times. Finally i was aloud to go home but now i get wegies at school all the time
thebeast99 thebeast99
36-40, M
May 9, 2012