I Hate Everyone, and Hurt Myself

I get fustrated by people, by the stupidest things and it makes me so angry, I have this extra engery and I get pissed and either punch myself or the wall or metal door. I have never really hurt myself so bad I have broken a bone or anything. Whatever, I wish I had more self control. Screaming is not enough.
Scarlett Scarlett
18-21, F
4 Responses May 30, 2007

I had a friend who did that. She came into school one day with her wrist in a bandage and when I asked her what she had done she said she punched a wall. My advice for you is, dont punch walls, punch pillows instead. you might want to get like a squishy ball or something and carry it round with u so if u get really angry u can just squeeze it as hard as u like until u get home and can punch the pillow.

Have u tried going to a gym and hitting a boxing bag! It's safer and it make help!

i go in my room shut the door and scream .... i actually scared my old roommate once !!! its therapuetic to me and exercising ... cardio is great for stress

I used to bash stuff like walls and lockers and pillars... until I punched a balcony post whilst on holiday and several days away from x-ray facilities. For the first few days I was positive I'd broken something, but by the time civilisation was about again, the swelling had finally settled. Obviously ruined the holiday for me, but since then I've stopped punching things. It's just not very useful :P <br />
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I have, however, learned to direct and harnass that energy into physical exercise. Now it's all beneficial and the anger is gone too!