Wall Punch.

the first time i punches wall out of anger was my freshman year of college, in the dorms. i punched the wall so hard that it actually went though the wall. not just the first layer, but both layers. i tried to get out of paying for it by blaming it on the ****** walls, but obviously that didn't really work.

now, i think i've moved on from the wall punching. after broken bones, you kinda move on to better things, like throwing cell phones.
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

lol<br />
girl u r strong

now i came to that realization a few months ago, when i rebroke my middle knuckle, but couldn't feel it. now i got dead nerve endings. ive moved on to... um... i guess now i just curse and yell a bit. though i make for damned sure not to to stay angry.