I Get Angry Easy When Sad

It's annoying because people around me will think that I am pissy or angry at something, when really I am just super depressed and need to be hugged. But ofcourse they don't understand.

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5 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I've found that when I get depressed, it's usually for very specific reasons. For me, it's usually because I feel ignored, left out, un-cared about, unappreciated, ostracized or abandoned. Of course it's different for everyone - your reasons might not be anything like mine. I wonder - what sorts of things make you sad?

Haha nice one Eves

Why don't you change who you are, Flans? We all wish you would.

I'm very much the same way. It's a vicious cycle for me because the more angry I get when I'm sad, the sadder I get because I hate how I act when I get angry...if that makes sense.

its hard when the only friends u have are here,on ep