Sadness :(

I don't get angry so much as defensive, which can lead to anger... I do my best to keep all of it under wraps, though... :P

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The most dangerous Enemy is "Anchor" so keep you cool

I know what you mean. Releasing the tensions is very important to remain mentally and physically healthy. It gets let out when I'm all alone, where it can sort of run free for a bit before I have to leash it back in...

I hope you let it out somewhere at some point. I held on to my anger and pain for so long that I was starting to have bad things happen mentally. It's like being constantly reminded of how angry I was at somebody, and always knowing what they said or did that made me that way. I could be working on something, and all of a sudden, I'd go into daydream land and start reliving the fight. Not a pleasant experience, especially when doing something fun just before it happened. I let everything out here, and within a few months, I stopped having those "daydreams".