What Is It With Avatar's/icon's Here?

I've never been to an on-line forum where so many people had the same avatar?  I understand that the theme here is anonymity but at least pick something that represents your state of mind.  It's so easy to pull in a pic of something or someone that represents you.  The same goes for your group if you start one.. make it something that represent the character of the group.  So what's up with this group?

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3 Responses Aug 4, 2008

My avatars are usually by request. To be honest, there is a game I play with an EP friend. We challenge each other to find avatars that fit each other's moods (not our own). As for a picture of my self, one of the reason I joined EP was the philosophy of anonymity. I've gotten in trouble putting my picture out there. I try to be frank here and there are things I say that might hurt someone's feeling or give someone information they could use against me. No, I'm not the avatar police. Just someone with an opinion.

Since you are a part of this group place a picture that you feel represents the group. As of right now there isn't one. you could be the one to get an avator for the group.<br />
<br />
As for others haveing the same ones, well it just goes to prove you are not alone in the way you think.

If your ticked....Find a new creative avatar for yourself. Step up and be creative for your own personal identity.