What Did I Do Wrong?

I go out of my way to help people in need. Many times I drop everything I am doing to go out of my way to help an acquaintance/friend out. But where are they when I need help? They blow me off or act like what I need is no big deal. Guess what? Half the time when you think you "need" help, you really don't. I don't like asking for help in the first place, so when I do ask, it is a big deal. If I can put my life on hold to care about you, why can't you return the favor.

I follow the golden rule of, "do to others like you would have them do for you." Why can't others do the same?
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Feel the same way I do the same thing all the time seems like everyone thinks I love not to go home all I want to do is fix there junk an get mad if I say no I'm not going to be there on Sunday offer to pay me for the work but after the car or truck is done then I have to whate for a week or a month to see any money feel used an when I ask for help all I get is can't tonight or I have something planed wish I could say that I'm not programed that way I'll put off what ever I have planed to help them an then they talk behind my back people suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!;

You got it. People wonder why I lose my trust in them.