Pet Peeves Are Contagious

I never really got annoyed by much, I was easy going and hard to upset ... until I dated one guy that turned out to be somewhat of an emotional train wreck, just hid it well. He had this irritation come over him whenever he HEARD anyone eating food, crunching, chewing...anything to do w the mouth, really. Even gum! He's look at whoever was eating, and say "Is that good?" I found myself not wanting to eat around him, them we moved in together. I dropped down to 94 pounds from about 115. My kids even shuddered at eating in front of him. It really wasn't purposely, but it really did get to me. I found myself becoming irritated also when I heard mouth noises. Ugh... This was years ago, and I still to this day, have no tolerance for mouth noises. I hate that I'm that way now...
GawdsGirl GawdsGirl
31-35, F
Dec 12, 2012