You Know The Type...

Have you ever been sitting around having a nice drink, amusing conversation, listening to good music, and then one person pipes up, "this is boooring. Let's do something else." There is always a bored person. This person seems to need constant excitement, can't just sit and be with their thoughts, feels the need to fill every silence. They also tend to be unmotivated to actually do anything about it; they just seem to like complaining. "Why don't you read a book?" "Books are boooring." "Why don't you take up a craft? Learn a language? Go for a walk? Trawl the internet for random and interesting information? Learn an instrument!? Save mistreated puppies!?"

Now, I battle depression. I know what it's like to feel unmotivated, down, anxious, lonely...but one thing I never am is bored. I think this might be to do with my personality. I find the world fascinating. I can spend hours and hours achieving nothing practical, but accumulating loads of knowledge about everything imaginable. If I feel crap, I google it. I try to understand myself. I end up getting lost in psychology and spirituality articles. I can sit around for hours just thinking. There is so much going on inside, I need little external stimulation. In fact, almost any social situation is interesting, just because it's social, and I can observe human interaction.

How anyone can ever be bored boggles my mind. It's like some people go through life asleep.

I think there are a couple of possible explanations for this. It could be a difference between personality types, for example introversion and extraversion. The introvert gains energy from time spent alone, and the extravert from external stimulation. It could also be "a sign of the times." We often don't appreciate the simple things anymore. So many kids apparently have ADHD. We're raised with our senses being assaulted by tv, radio, internet, gadgets, toys, billboards. All these offers of escape from the mundane, promises of excitement beyond anything previously known, promises of a perfect body, mind-blowing *******. We're being fed the idea that plain old life isn't good enough, isn't enough to make us happy. And that's dangerous.

This boredom phenomenon is likely caused by a combination of factors. But I think it's just another sign of the unhealthiness of our world.
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

Sometimes I get bored, but it's usually due to my own lack of action. Like when I've been sitting around the house all day. At that point, I'm bored with myself and I have to find something to do. I do agree that people who expect to be constantly entertained by others are very wearisome. Maybe it's a side effect of society, constant advertising, bombardment by useless information... it seems to me that the number of these kinds of people will probably continue to grow.

I know what you mean. I had a friend in college who'd walk in a room and instead of saying something like let's do this she'd whine 'I'm bored'. What an annoyance.