Public Bathroom

haha this is not mine but I thought I would share.... Because every time me and my sister are out we seem to attract rude kids. Either way she was in the bathroom stall squatting because she didnt want to sit on the dirty seat. And this girl parents let her use the bathroom alone like completely. They weren't even in the bathroom with her. So my sister is squatting and peeing lol, the little girl crawls under into my sisters stall lol. My sister screamed because she new the little girl saw her lol bagino. She was so mad she wanted to cuss out the little girl but of course didnt lol.

Sorry I thought this was a good story to share and also a good point as of why I get annoyed by rude children lol.
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1 Response Mar 1, 2011

Crawled into the stall? Damn. That doesn't sound very comfy!