Cute Little One

Two days ago to the spiritual forum I visit joined a 10 years old little girl. She claimed to be the real angel who can grow real physicial wings, control rainbows, fly in the sky and transform into angelic form. She was very serious about it. She also claimed to be a mermaid with the real fish tail. I was calm and I explained to her that people cannot transform into angels and mermaids. Today I got a private message from her saying "YOU ARE A TOTALLY B.ITCH!!!" I was surprised and I didn't know what to say. I was speachless. I don't understand, why so young kids are so agressive? I even don't want to think what will happen when she gets older. Also, why 10 years old children use so vulgar words? Why the damn parents don't learn them anything good? Do they even pay attention on their children and do they care what their children do with their free time? Later a cute 10 years old girl joins to serious forums and calls other "B.ITCHES".
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Jul 11, 2011