Babysitting My Friends

I know that title sounds weird but really it isnt I babysat this girl and she is really sweet but sometimes she can test my patience. Shes 5 and before i was officially babysitting her i would play with her and cook foods for her while the parents worked on the farm. she is sweet but like i said she can test my patience like wen i was cooking rice and an omelet she started getting impatient and whiney and when i had to clean up she she started to cry and complain that i am not playing with her. and wen i am not officially babysitting her as in not being paid wen i told her not to do something she said ur not the boss of me and stomped away. babysitting is hard even wen ur not officially babysitting ur still in charge and that child needs to listen cause someday there might be an emergency and the child will have to listen for its own sake. be a friend but be firm even if ur not babysitting for pay but ur technically in charge let the child no that.
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2012