Children Being Children Is One Thing

Letting children get away with being rude to people and things is neglectful and really stupid cause it will bite you in the butt sooner or later.

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It just seems like family values have become less and less important. Children are allowed act any way they choose without any correction from parents, who should be the ones handling it. You can hardly go out in public without seeing unruly behaviors...not only by kids, but also by adults who should know better.

Getalifeplease, stop just trying to stir up trouble! If you don't agree with this group then guess what? You don't have to be apart of it. Don't worry, I typed slowly for you..

I am annoyed at both, people being rude is learned and letting anyone get away with it is not healthy for them or anyone else

I am more annoyed by rude parents who set the example.

yeah if you don't want your kids to cuss don't cuss aaround them particulrly at that age

Children learn from what they see, and if they see the adults in thier lives being rude and disrespectful on a regular basis, they will start doing the same thing to those around them. A friend recently experienced her 4 year old daughter calling her a "stupid dumbass" after she was told to go to her room. I was a little stunned, but this mother cusses on a regular basis, so it only makes sense her kids will do the same.

not really