Kids In Public Places

So as I said in one of my other comments, I janitored between two malls over a period of about 2.5 years, give or take a few months. I'm 22 now, and have no kids of my own (yet), but janitoring made me want to smack some really rude kids and some downright stupid and ignorant parents.

One of the days I was working in the food court in mall #2, two young moms came in to eat, with 3 kids between them. The mom with one kid bought herself something to eat, but gave her child in the stroller nothing. Well he woke up and started crying because I was hungry. And his ******* stupid mother IGNORED him for the next half hour, as did the lady she was talking to. It was at the point where the kid had screamed nonstop for about 30 - 40 minutes, and people were turning to stare at this mother who was letting her kid cry bloody murder and why wasn't she doing anything about it? I was just about ready to call Security and make a noise complaint when they finished eating and left, but not before myself (and my co-workers too probably) had migraines.  I found out later one of my co-workers (who were all older ladies) knew the woman who'd let her kid scream, and she said she'd talk to her later.

What else... I hate those stupid skate shoes. Parents who drop their kids off at the mall and then they spend hours shopping and running around, skating down the incline ramps with those shoes and nearly knocking people over. Every time I saw a kid doing that (which they're not allowed to do for safety reasons), I was waiting for them to fall and then we would get sued for "slippery unsafe floors" or something like that.

Or the teens who used to come to the mall in huge groups after school and just walk around the mall for, literally, hours and hours doing little shopping and lots of soliciting. Then they'd get lippy with some of the shop owners and/or cleaning staff like myself, which finally lead to Security cracking down on them telling them to leave and not come back if they weren't going to shop. They'd been thrown out before, but just used to come right back in.

I've heard of at least one mall that has a rule where kids under the age of 14 or something like that, has to be attended with an adult. If a child is found in the mall with no parent, they're taken to security where their parents are called to pick them up. And I fully support a rule like that for the malls I know! ******* stupid kids with their stupid parents not giving them any discipline.

(sorry, I know I have a cursing problem.   It's just a heated topic for me because I had to deal with it for so long.)

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who cares you know theres a book called don't sweat the small stuff <br />
<br />
seriously relax

On the contrary - the problem is the kids who think it's ok to do that indoors when it's a blatant safety risk (not only to themselves but to the people around them), and to the parents who are around when their kids do stunts like that and don't say anything to stop them. Thankfully most parents do.<br />
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Skate shoes aren't meant to be used indoors like that. Skate shoes are like what their name suggest - like wheels from a skateboard. If kids are going to race and pull tricks with their shoes, or just goof off in general, then it needs to be done outside, not inside a private mall.

well we nee to give kids a place to go the problem isn;t the parents or the kids its there is nowhere for thm and thewir skae shoes to be<br />
<br />
nowhere for teens to go and just hang out and soliciting what??

It makes me want to slap the parents.