Everybody Knows I Adore Them

Children are wonderful, especially when they're still very small and cry in the night for food or comfort. 

It gives a meaning to the lives of those that are terrorized this way night after night.  And the triumphant feeling that overwhelms the one that succeeds to stop the noise is not to be matched.  Apart, maybe of the rare feeling of real contact and intimacy one can have with a baby. 

All is so rosy in the garden of early childhood.  During a short span of time, the world has changed for the better.  The world isn't supposed to do that. 

So, after a while reality shows its nasty face again and parents start to pay off their children for their lack of time and other shortcomings and handicaps of modern living. 

With their mouths stuffed with candy, they start to yell.  It's an ominous and sinister sound.

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56-60, M
Feb 5, 2010