I Want To Change The Way I React...

I really want to change the way I feel and react to, well, pretty much everything...not only for myself now but I have a one year old girl that I dont want her to feel like this. Some days I don't get as annoyed, but so many people and things get on my nerves. Like I can't stop thinking about how much I hate it and playing out all these senerios in my head. My boyfriend can't understand it. He tells me all the time, "You get annoyed by the stupidest things!", "Why do you let that bother you", or he says that he think its funny how mad I get about things(in an condensending voice). He just makes it worse...to the point I shout, cry or go in the other room, slam the door and plop on my bed and cry. I really think that my parents played a big role in why Im like this...but thats beyond the point now...I just want to overcome this already. So I can relax in any situation and enjoy life.
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2 Responses Oct 25, 2010

I feel the same way. My boyfriend doesn't help that much either, but sometimes he understands. It's really hard and overwhelming and I cry about it sometimes too. I absolutely get annoyed by something and someone every single day but I try my hardest not to show it or take it out on someone who doesn't deserve it. But when I am very annoyed and one more person adds in, I just can't hold it in anymore and yell at everyone.. I let it all out & usually that makes me feel better, not the best way to relieve yourself but I can't control it. Which annoys me also.. But I figured out that when I sing, MOST of the time it helps me relax.. Maybe finding some kind of an escape like music, reading, exercising, or something will help you relax.. Good Luck.

You are not alone. As i get older, my annoyance threshold gets narrower. Everything annoys me, from the garralous women to the screaming kids in the shops. I hate them! I have a friend who swears loudly all the time and I cringe whenever she pulls into the driveway - I have even pretended to not be at home. She knocks at my next door neighbours looking for me! He tells her that I don't actually live with him. I am annoyed when people talk about their limited money. It's so low-class. There is no need to advertise one's poverty. I hate it when someone asks me where I bought such and such and worse, how much did it cost? I once replied "Chanel, $1800" and I am on a pension. People who think I am rich annoy me. I detest their little limited outlooks. I speak well and I hardly ever cuss, which makes some people think I went to a very good school, which is not true. I just have a knack for finding fine things and I make an effort to be educated. <br />
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I think it is normal to be so annoyed, even though some would say that I don't like myself much and that is quite true at this point in my life. Idiots, leave me alone!