My Mom.

My Mom Is A Pro At Plucking My Nerves. She's Always Somewhere Yelling At Me About How I Need To Help Clean Up, Find Another Job, && Do Better At School. She Doesn't Understand. I DO Clean Up, But Only Behind Myself. Wtf I Look Like Cleaning Up A Mess I Didn't Make? Secondly, I AM Looking For Another Job. I've Put In Over 10+ Applications In 3 Days; I've Even Called To Follow Up On Them. && Third, School Is HARD. Especially When You're Taking All AP Classes. It's Not Like I Spend My Days At School Goofing Off Or Sleeping Or Something. I Do Try! I Just Really Wish She'd Get Off My Back.
KyDee KyDee
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 30, 2012

My mother does the same except the job bit she won't let me get one till I finish school :/