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People who think a positive attitude is a requirement for breathing or basic human function

People who speak in cliches or along the lines of inspirational quotes- they should shampoo my crotch 

People who over simplify 

People who think everything is so easy so possible even when its clearly not 

People who think the "Cure" to every physiological malty is a change in perspective thats it

People who think you can get past anything though they have been through almost nothing in their lives or are so far beyond their pain they have forgotten it and instead go around spouting the get over it philosophy

People who think misanthropy or negativity are symptoms of low self esteem

or that negativity is the WORST thing in history

People for whom you lay out the story bear your soul and they still don't get it


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glad someone understands

as they should

i totally agree with this. I mean its not like negativity is unatural are anything. Sometimes being negative is a good thing. Im glad im not like those ppl who are always happy no matter what happens. Truth be told ppl like that scare/annoy the **** out of me.


damn, you guys are great. I met one therapist that wasn't entirely full of ****, actually. He's a good guy who can level with you, but the problem with that is that his patients get pissy whenever he has to deal with his own, personal life and can't deal with theirs for the moment. People would do well by learning to be happy with not being happy, sometimes... if not anything else, they would be a little less fake.

well i always steered clear of them thank God

Yeah, I really hate them. I treat them like I would a criminal. I really dislike therapists. They are full of it. I have yet to meet some miracle man or woman therapist. I wasn't always that way but after years of more than I can remember steering me wrong, I got fed up.<br />
<br />
I'm sure there might be some good ones out there, if anyone knows any, give me some names.

you make them cry cool

I agree with a lot of this too. I just do what I want, it's the only way. I think some things I personally do are easy though. All too easy. It's usually the things I don't want to do to get to the things I want to do that I struggle with and people tell me it's easy all the time, but I don't see how it's easy. Being negative really helps my creativity sometimes. It's not bad at all like people think. It's a tool I use. Bearing my soul to people often leaves me very disappointed. Did hijack this one too tulick? I do agree with your points. Most of the other stuff people preach is just to sell books, have a profession, prescribe some pills etc. At least for me. I make therapists cry sometimes.

well i am what i am

Ditto ... people are so full of sh*t. It's nice to meet an individual once in a while. It's a relief.

i Loooooove the way you think

Well yeah. I mean there should be a balance in everything, I'm not saying suicidal is normal. But, I think people that are too optomistic are unnatural and basically just trying to fill a void or fit in. To be a pesimist is to be alive. To question and doubt. We are individuals and society doesnt approve of us when we arent following the "rules" of appearances. We are not robots!We don't have to smile every second if we dont want to, you now what really irritates me when random strangers come up to me and say "it cant be that bad, how about a smile?". Fck off... I don't want to smile, mind your own fkng bussiness. I'm sick of pretending to be happy when I'm not. Negativity isnt a symptom of low self esteem its a response from an experience. It's an acquired skill, that in some cases protects you, and in some cases screws you.


Hahha couldn't agree more. Matter of fact I think negativity is more about reality and logic