Just a Few

just a few things that annoy the **** outta me:

slow people

dumb people

ugly people

sick people

old people


unecessarily LOUD people

blue tooth (gag)

people that wear blue tooth and think its cool

bill collectors

red lights

the sound of harley motorbikes


people that cough alot

yea.... i get ******* annoyed easily (and i have a potty mouth)


KKay KKay
26-30, F
4 Responses Aug 4, 2008

I am annoyed by all the above, plus people who get annoyed easily.

just because alot of things annoy someone does not mean they think they are perfect. EVERYTHING annoys me and I am sooooo not perfect!! If I was perfect that would probably annoy me too..lol

I never claimed i wasnt any of these things... i just listed things that annoy me.<br />
and i would like to include:<br />
-people that try to start **** and attack other people on web sites when they have no idea what they are talking about, just so they feel better about themselves- (see i can make assumptions too)<br />
and im not egomaniacal by any stretch of the word... nowhere did i ever say i was perfect,<br />
but thnx for the comment hun.

You said egomaniacs annoy you... but you are in fact an egomaniac. I assume this since you claim to not have any of the negative features on the list: fat, slow, dumb, loud, ugly, sick, or old. So I guess you are one of the few who are perfect. Does that make you a self-loathing egomaniac?