The Most Annoying Thing In My Life Right Now... Help?

So, I have this friend, and they just read a book. I read the book too, its ok. I am really annoyed now, because they are obsessing over it, and its all they ever talk about, and it gets on my nerves. I always expect the same thing whenever i talk to them. "Oh! Its amazng! No book that I will ever read again will ever compare to it! He's my favorite character! How could you not love it so much?" and they would just start crying randomly when they think of a sad event in the book, when we AREN'T EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT. Another thing that gets on my nerves is that we would be having a normal conversation, then they would bring up a random thing about it and start talking about it. I try to change the subject, but EVERYTHING i say relates back to it. It really annoys me badly. I personally don't think that much of it, ut they think its the only thing in life that matters. The most annoying part about this whole thing is that i just read an AMAZING book, and its the type of book they would like. Whenever i talk to them, and try to tell them that its really good, deep and meaningful, they just say: "No it's not, my book is a MILLION times better. I am not going to read that book, I already know its not good, because its not MY book." it really bugs me because THEY BARLEY KNOW WHAT ITS ABOUT. I don't obsess over it, just try to be nice and convincing. All I ever hear from them is aout the book, and I can't even change the subject no matter how hard I try, and they continue to insult my book and call it inferior to theirs.
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Feb 10, 2013