Things That Annoy Me Epers Should Know And Not Do If They Want My Attention

People on EP who act like they really want to get to know me but yet they don't read my profile and only look at pics

Having the same conversation over and over

Introductions on EP, Im terrible with names and probably will not remember it anyways, I like when you just continue a conversation from the Q/A , if we even continue talking past a week then I will want to know your name and will remember it. (this rarely happens)

I need to know where you are on this planet, its more important to me than your name.

When someone sends me messages containing less that 5 words, like hey cutie, or your hot, or hi, or hey, or something similar, also try to avoid asking how is my day, but I don't mind when you ask sometimes. If you really want to know and talk about some thing I am interested in, its EASY, just check out my profile or the questions I write or the ones I answer because they were of interest to me

People who talk about the same thing all the time

When someone just wants to flirt and is not even good at it, Its very rare I will flirt but when I want to, I love to, I am pretty clear on it and you will know and it will happen. This is RARE so you are most likely wasting your time if you just try to out of no where and try flirting and I will just be annoyed.


People who are completely negative

Someone who curses a lot

I know I am forgetting a lot more things I will add more later lol

I felt the need to write this only because soooo many guys message me and just annoys me, they probably don't even mean to but I just want them to know

If you cared at all to even read this thank you and other than all this stuff I am pretty easy to talk to and can make friends with anyone. I don't really care your age or how much money you have or what you look like. Thanks for you time :)

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It's good to be clear about these things. You've done a good job explaining your feelings.

thanks, I am so glad people dont take this the wrong way, I really am a nice person lol

I think most people appreciate knowing what your boundaries are and what kinds of things bother you. Sometimes it's hard to tell with people. I'm sure you're a very nice person.

i love this story its feisty,says a ton about you .............made me smile (cos i know it wont stop the morons) weird you have not had better luck with friends............hope that changes ...............cheers .....................x

Thanks yeah but I get a lot less people messaging me now so I don't get annoyed as often anymore thank god lol

hey i am daron nice to meet you, although from your profile you will forget after 5mins haha. But even so i thought id say hello and see how you are? I am currently serving in Afghan but orginally from the uk.

So what part of the word are you from?

It's like my post..
Only better. ;)

lol thanks :)

i am in Beaverton Oregon and would love to discuss more about breastfeeding

I want to write the same because i often received messages just like what you've written here, thanks for posting it:)
Very well said.

Thanks this really helped a lot I think, I rarely get messages now :)

Good for you and happy to hear that the pervs stop.

Thanks, They havnt stopped completely but for the most part yeah lol

i am sure if they read this post they won\'t mind doing that again

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Lol I honestly want to get to know u

Well on EP I put a lot of stuff so that is not to difficult if you want to get to know me lol


English man living in western Canada to chat hangout be friends ...........x

thank you, I can always use good friends, It is just hard finding people I have things in common with :(

So it's really important for you to know where people are huh? Haha, I thought I was the only one.

Yeah just that\'s it is more important to me than a name and if someone is on the other side of the planet I am pretty sure we will only ever be friends

Yessss! Haha, I don\'t mind being online friends but it would be awesome to actually hang out & stuff.

good write up, shame you need to write it but then again i can imagine you get lots of messages and 99% of them are crap.

Keep the faith :)

Thanks :) Im glad that some men understand, I just don't want to waste anyone's time

Very well put,

thanks :)