What the Hell Is Wrong With You!?!?!?

I work in Customer Service and there are so many times that I want to ask people what they are thinking. It's like they think that all day I have been nothing but wait for them to show up. Okay, I know that's not really true. Because in the grand scheme of things we are all customers and we all work in customer service. I think though that with my job a lot of people see it as menial. Although it's not. And I say that because I am also in the military meaning that I don't just work at a hotel. But it's almost worse (than being in a civilian hotel, I worked in one before I joined). Higher ranks will say really mean things and there's not a whole lot you can say back... Some E-8 yesterday told me that I wasn't listening to him (it was very mean the way it came out) and then something about me being very hard of hearing. I was very taken aback. As soon as I looked at him he was like, 'Ohhh, No, I was playing with you, really.' It didn't matter though. Now not only was I annoyed but my feelings were hurt. He doesn't even know me, how can he joke with me by insulting me??? It took everything I had. I think that is a big issue in the military. We are taught so much not to talk back that when it's appropiate to do so you second guess it. Or at least I do! Oh, now I'm just rambling... I guess my point is... I don't really know... Isn't that annoying???? Also I get VERY annoyed with myself...
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Yeah that's how I feel... Yeah buddy it's my fault you didn't make a reservation (when you knew 120 days ago that you were moving & I found out awwww NOW!!) and now you have to take your 5 kids and 2 dogs downtown and spend money out of your own pocket. Yeah, all me... It's crazy what I have to go through to set something like that up!!!!

I hear ya. For a short time I was the person you complained to if your package holiday didn't turn out right. I discovered it was entirely my fault that there was traffic noise, or an unfinished hotel construction site right next door. And yes, when the shuttle bus failed to arrive in time for you at the airport, I did that deliberately. I also plotted to ensure that your room had a view of a brick wall. It was all me. I did it.

i also work in customer service. honestly, i can not stand the people who come into the store. i really just want to scream at all of them. someday, when i quit, i fear i'm going to go completely insane on someone! i've been called the most horrible names. how much can a person really take? it's so frustrating.

Abuse is abuse - You should not have to put up with it at any job. the next time someone says something inappropriate to you tell them how you feel it is abuse and tell your supervisor about it. Hope it helps.