I get annoyed easily by people who complain about animal cruelty but never do anything about it but talk when they are presented with a chance to do something about it. For example recently I learned of a pup that was brutally murdered at the heart broken owner has filed a petition to put the scumbags behind bars. Will you please go to the care sire and sign this petition and while you are there PLEASE sign the petition to save the wild horses? That's another thing that annoys me, people that break promises.BLM promised 2yrs ago that these horses will always be safe now they are wanting to kill them. Will you PLEASE sign those petitions and ask your friends to?

THANK YOU for reading this and for showing how annoyed you are with these injustuces.

betchaboots betchaboots
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2 Responses Dec 28, 2008

You're right. Cruelty of any type is hard to deal with.

true, but remember that it's always easier to talk about the hard things than to actually get involved. once people come face to face with these kinds of tragic situations, it's sometimes more than they thought they could handle. at least it is getting talked about and that alone can inspire people to get more involved.