I'm easily annoyed by ignorance.
A lot of people say their annoyed by "stupid" but stupid implies they don't have the ability to learn. Ignorant would be a person who has the ability to learn and CHOOSES not to. If you make it a point to choose to be ignorant and you open your mouth ignorantly I have nothing for ya.
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Actually ignorance is to not know or have a lack of knowledge. How can you judge ignorance when you yourself are ignorant?

Actually its G.I. Joe. You forgot to capitalize the g and i and didn't put another period after them.
Check and mate.

When did i say i was crying?

Oh im one step ahead of you. Someone was saying bae was "before everyone else" and then followed that with how it would be better as "beacon and eggs" and pointed out how he said beacon instead of bacon.

Also I sometimes get teary when my head is at a tilted angle while I'm also laying down. So in a way i suppose i did "shed a tear" as you put it.

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someone understands me. *faith in humanity restored*