My mom thinks I'm mean or that itteeat her bad I'm like wtf no I am a teen/adult I need my space and she know what I don't like when she talks to me like I'm 5 or says stupid **** to me yea I'm gonna get annoyed common sense when I tell u to stop have fwaking respect and stop and I won't get pissed maybe if she would stop doing what I hate maybe I won't get annoyed but I love when I'm alone by myself or listening to my music I feel like I'm growing farther apart from my mom and tbh I don't really care like its hard for me to say I love u to her and she says it all the time to me I'm thankful for her and she does a lot for me but damn I need my space and I'm going to start school soon so I'm exited about that and I don't get to be home as much and away from her and all bull
Dezitorsmilez Dezitorsmilez
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Don't take anything too seriously