When you see a fat or skinny person, please don't tell them to lose weight or gain weight or something, Im sure they are pretty clear about their self image and are somehow conscious about it, so shût your whô-re mouth and don't be that stüpîd jêrk be like "Omg do you even eat?!" "Omg you should lose some weight" i mean just STFU. You're not perfect either so S T F U
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I'm a cashier. At least one time a shift, I see a person who weighs 400+ pounds sweating and struggling to breathe because the walk through the store is too much for them. They are always buying a bottle of regular soda, a box of cookies, and a bag of chips. If I didn't mind being fired, I would throw a few insults at them, because that state of existence is just pathetic and abusive to themselves.

My aunt and father are these types of people. My dad has had two amputations due to his awful diet and lack of physical activity. He also has diabetes, but it's hardly to blame. When you make a habit of eating a large Hershey bar every day with other desserts and fattening food, you should expect bad health problems. I'm not one to immediately judge, but when I see someone making an effort to perpetuate and worsen their obesity, I can't help it. It's inexcusable.

Yasssss *****

******* be annoying af

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