Had to share a private message..username removed because I feel bad exposing something this pathetic

XXXXX 1 day ago

Hi, I'm Sam, 38, from Va. How are you? Sorry if I'm bothering you.

XXXXX 59 mins ago

Sorry if I've bothered you.

So I didn't even see his first message as it got lost with others, although I wouldn't have responded initially...who starts off a conversation by apologizing, and then follow it up with more apologies. Wow I...I....I just hate you already.

update: he just told me to go **** myself (I guess he reads my stories) and then blocked me...honestly that makes me happier, nice to see a backbone, I just assumed if he saw this story he would apologize.

update update: I believe he just made the profile "themadhitter" below just to comment hahahahahahahaha...yessssss too funny. Too bad he blocked me again with that profile lolololol
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Love a feisty girl!

Can you please add me to your circle?

Im sorry as well. Haha he should have already knew that you must have a bunch of messages that you just dont read

lol sorry I shouldn't laugh but maybe he should just say hi and introduce himself. if you want to reply im surr you will if not then no skin off his nose lol well thats how I would do it :) still laughing at that guy sorry bud but thats funny.

I'm deeply sorry if my sheer existence brings you any displeasure Kate

Wow. That's pretty mad. What's more disturbing is that he now for some reason hates you, but he still is stalking you. Get ready for his third profile attack...

Don't you think he was being polite!? And a little shy to talk!? Or maybe stuck with an intention to talk to you but don't know how exactly to initiate??

no, you don't start off talking to someone by apologizing, at least not with me. That is just dumb

Duly noted. No picture today? :P

No sunday is a day of rest lmao

Haha 😂😂 btw 'sorry if I was bothering you :P'

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In sorry. ;)

I forgive you