Other People's Noise When I'm At Home

I work at home and have to listen to my neighbour's everday routines. Like neighbour number one, the dogs bark like mad then he walks inthe door at 3pm and yells his happy hellos to the dogs and then they all eat outside in the summer right under my window for dinner talking and baby crying the whole time. neighbour number two squeaks around in the kitchen and has the radio on all day. She has been getting refubishments and I hear her droning voice instructing the help all day long. Not to mention the noisy refurbishments from 7am till 4 SHUT UP!!! I am working on desensitizing myself to all this thanks for listening  

sammygee2 sammygee2
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 30, 2010

I totally desensitised to it and dont hear a thing now.

dont really want intelligent solutions ... i snt this a page where you can just whinge and be heard? It's not that serious a problem that I would speak to my neighbours about their noise haha.