Possibly Contentious View But...

 ....in the truest sense of the word, rockstars or rockbands should give it up when they hit a certain age. Now dont get me wrong, I'm not ageist- but as a thirty-pushing-forty-something myself, I cant relate to a 50+ year old singing about stuff a 20year old would be into. And I dont believe many 20 year olds would either.

For example - Madonna & Justin Timberlake. What the hell was that collaboration all about? Cringeworthy. And slightly creepy in my mind.

Ooh- U2- and Bono in particular. Now I like Bono,  and in their day U2 were a force to be reckoned with, but seeing them at the recent Grammy's just illustrates my point. Tedious 'rock' track, middle aged men and coloured shades just don't cut it with me. Coldplay ripped them to shreds.

Robert Plant- now he's done it with style. Still credible, still cool, music rocks.  

But hey, what do I know? What do you lot think?

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8 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I know, poor kid!<br />
LOL breathe in, breathe out, in and out.

I saw Tina Turner in concert (when she was supposed to be retiring).<br />
Man, that woman has the energy of someone 1/3 of her age! And she only sat down once the whole night.<br />
She was totally awesome.<br />
I'm really off Madonna and I used to adore her- raids her kid's wardrobe for god's sake. I don't know, if I was her daughter I'd be p****** off - what is she supposed to rebel against?<br />
Sorry sorry you got me ranting!! Peace all, I'm off the coffee for the rest of the day, I swear.

I have to agree with you on the Madonna thing though - its not the aging as such, its the aging gracefully - she seems to be clinging to youth in a way that makes me embaressed for her. Now I read in a mag that Tina Turner is making a comeback and from the pics of her shes aged VERY well - so as long as she doesnt attempt to ***** it up with some boy rapper all power to her!

right back atcha Super Hero <br />
And I proclaim Aerosmith rock gods - cant find any naff live appearances lurking there.

Ahhhh...dont be mistaken, dont be misled. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this point. Age does not matter. What I'm questioning is whether some of these people are desperately clinging onto their youth, rather than enjoying themselves at their respective ages. <br />
I concur. <br />
Rolling Stones = good.<br />
Peace out.

I think that age is like race or religion. It don't matter a damn. If people like the rock stars then they like them. If they don't they will not pay to see them perform. the Rolling Stones are a good example. Age doesn't mean ****.

Ah you have me there...havent got an opinion on Aerosmith, haven't heard them for a while.<br />
Lemme have a nose round and I'll get back to you....

If they can still sing and handle the stage and draw a crowd more power to them .Remember ..they won't play to an empty venue.