Shut Up Already!

  • Is your hair naturally curly?  (A:  Have you ever seen a perm look this natural??  B:  I've been getting asked that since age 3.  Who the hell perms a three year old's hair?!?)
  • Why are you so quiet?  (Becuase I don't wanna waste my breath on pointless conversations)
  • Are you mad?  (No, if I'm being quiet it's because I'm just content.  My face is never smiley, get over it.)
  • When are you gonna start college?  (Whenever the **** I feel like it.  I haven't heard of a time limit)
  • Why don't you have your license?  (What?  Am I supposed to just get in a car and know how to drive automatically?)
  • Do you like living in Christmastown?  (You try living in a town that's only about one mile long, with tourists from all over the world backed up, blocking your street, when all you wanna do is get home, every night in December.)
  • How did you meet your fiance?  (Please don't ask because all you're gonna do is judge and criticize my answer)
  • Do you want these clothes, they're too big for me now that I've lost so much weight?  (Do you have to emphasize on the fact that you think you are so much skinnier than me?)
  • How's your daddy doing?  (Your guess is as good as mine!)
  • How come you didn't comment me back?  (This is why I don't do myspace anymore)
  • Can I use the internet for a minute?  (self explanatory)
urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Relax... somehow i think you will blow something up soon. like fried eggs. these questions are said because you don't get through them... learn to automatically respond to them with out thinking about it. people are buzzards -.- we all have to live with them.

LOL! I'm just angry about these questions =]

Wow, your really angry!