Grrrrrr Frustrating!!!!

I really hate that little wait between being told that someone has commented on my answer and being able to read their reply. Mainly because I seem to be quite an impatient person but also because if you get a few it gets confusing and I'm clicking back and forth trying to remember what I have and haven't replied to.
I dont like wondering if the other person thinks im ignoring them/their reply.
Come on EP stop the answer lag or at least dont notify me that someone has replied until I can read it! ;)
FallenAngelWOOT FallenAngelWOOT
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Haa, thought I was the only one with that pet peeve.

Drives me nuts!!!!!!

Me too, have that going on right now, I will go back and check though. Have you noticed message notices are showing up out of sync with system time. Got notice of one 24 hours after it was sent

So true; I'm exactly the same. Half the time, if the comment isn't there the first time I go to look, I forget and it gets lost in the shuffle. Really hope people aren't taking it the wrong way. :/

I decided that I'm putting too much importance on other people's opinion and they prob don't even think about it - I mean I don't if someone doesn't reply to me :)

*nods* True. Then again, you have so many questions and answers going on, it would be hard to even notice. :p (That said, I do *try* to keep up with people with serious questions; I figure no-one's too worried about the jokey ones.)