Well, I'm not quite sure how to explain this one. Whenever I hear someone yelling in anger or arguing with someone, I start to freak out.
I'm not sure why it started now, but I think I know what may have caused this. At first, I thought it was linked to my childhood because my parents would get in to arguments a lot. But, these attacks didn't start until I was 17. Let's just say my brother threw a huge tantrum and I ended up in the crossfire. I won't go into detail.
Now normally, if I heard someone yelling, I wouldn't bat an eye. But, after that day, I start to panic. If it's two people arguing, I start to hyperventilate. If it's two people screaming at each other, I curl up and cry. If it's my brother slamming a controller on his lap each time he dies in a game, I flinch. Every time I come out with this, people accuse me of being an attention *****. I tried telling my dad about it, but he simply dismissed it as me being a "drama queen." My brother even tried telling me to stop flinching when he got mad at a game because it "made him angrier." It's not my fault I react the way I do.
Nobody believes me when I come out with this story. It hurts me when I try to reach out to someone with this and they simply turn their back on me. I'm hoping that if I posted my story here, I would be able to find people who understand this feeling, because right now, I feel alone...
FallenAngel519 FallenAngel519
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2016