This Just In...

Did you hear?

The National SNOW AND ICE COUNCIL just admitted that they under estimated the polar ice content by 193,000 square miles!!!

That is the size of California!!!

Do you kool aid drinking loons still believe in the lie of global warming?  My guess is that you do.

So Coyote, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

orien orien
46-50, M
8 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Lushesb... you know that all of the abnormal cold spells are also due to global warming. Ha! They have all sides covered don't they?

Could someone send some global warming up north here? It's freezing out, we have record snowfall for the year and I'm damn tired of freezing my buns off. <br />
<br />

I also read that an instrument on one of the satellites has been malfunctioning for the last few years.... and they are just realizing it... LMAO!

the only reason al is pushing all of this is because it is making him a lot of money. He doesn't have Clinton's ability to love himself more than anyone else and get people to want to watch so he has found his own way to keep the money rolling in and eyes on him some.

al gore sucks made the worng career choice

oh yes, Al Gore...<br />
<br />
Don't you think just maybe he is eating more than his fair share of the earth's limited resources?

Yeah, but Al Gore said.....