Once Is Enough

I was fairly big as a freshman. I had been working out for over 1 year, and had started putting on muscle mass.  My hair was already thinning, so I looked much older than my years.  One day, I was walking along the street I lived on heading to my friends house, and as I walked passed the cementary, an older fellow started keeping pace with me.  He was bigger than I was, although he didn't appear to be in good physical shape.  He then started to talk to me.  I knew right then this was not the place I wanted to be.  He asked me if he could perform oral sex on me and he wouldn't tell anybody.  That freaked me out.  I was prepared to fight my way out of it, but I tried to keep my cool and told him I wasn't interested.  Like a flash he disappeared.  Not sure where he went.  I just put my head forward and proceeded to where I needed to go.  I've never forgotten that, and I thank God that he wasn't a violent creep.

I've never told this story to anyone.  Guess maybe I should have 30-something years ago.  It may have saved someone else by getting that guy off the street.
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That is creepy.... Good thing he wasn't looking to over power you... I think a lot of kids wouldn't have said anything...just like you did... Hopefully this guy never did anything worse then ask...

I grew up in a small town. I didn't know about child molestation / abuse back then. I truly hope noone suffered because of my closed lips.

No one could fault you for that. It just wasn't such a talked about problem then either. My parents never heard of too much about molestation when they were growing up....at least not like we hear about it today...