Fondled And More On A Bus

  All the seats were taken and it was standing room when I got on the bus.  I edged my way past the people standing to the rear of the bus, the last man stepping back so I didn't have to squeeze past him. As more people got on at stops along the way, they stood in front forcing the rest pf us to move backwards until the man behind was the only thing between me and the rear wall. We were wedged in tight and each time the bus pulled away from a stop or red light it caused those of us standing to sway toward the rear except the man behind me with his back against the wall.Each time I swayed he put one hand against my back and the other against my ***, palm outward, to steady me.I noticed each time I swayed the hand on my *** moved moved lower until the steadying turned into fondling and squeezing. But the hand was removed and didn't return. Too bad, it was the only good thing about this miserable bus ride.Now, instead of his hand, my *** was forced against his pelvis. Well, not against his pelvis but against the erection in his pants.More people got on and now there was no more swaying, I was firmly up against his erection. Getting no reaction from me, both hands fondled what was accessible of my ***. Still getting no reaction he somehow worked the back of my skirt up to my hips and my panties down below my ***. Great, but now what I thought to myself. He must have left a few inches between himself and the back wall because he managed to free his penis from his pants and the length of it fiiled the crack of my ***. He was able to move it three inches upward and downward and began dong so as rapidly as conditions allowed. Shortly thereafter I felt his hot *** on my skin. He put his penis away and being chivalrous he returned my panties and skirt to their original position. I didn't turn to look at him when I left the bus and who he was will always be a mystery.
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OMG you are so hot... teh way you stood there... no reaction while holding his secret between your cheeks... fantastic...

Damn that is hot. And I think of all the times I was in a crowed bus and never got that opportunity.

A dream come true!

wow - hot story

wow, fun story

wow! hot story!

I dream of such encounters!

Fantasy or reality, that is so hot either way...8====>~~~

Love it when a man just helps himself like that.

You loved every moment of it.

add me

good trip ... add me please

that was great, must remember when I use the bus what might happen wow.

Awesome Story! <br />
I spent many commutes in crowded busses and trains. it is always more enjoyable with friendly folks around you.

luck guy.

gr8 story i loved it !

Great story !! Please add me...

i love ur story. is it real !