Guys Have Got to Eat

A friend called me and told me to come over to the pool hall, that a guy just out of jail had a funny story. I drove over and had a beer with my friend and talked to the guy. 

  His story was that he and two buddies were going cross country when their car broke down. They tried to hitch hike but had no luck. So they went to a barn and just slept there. Next day no luck and they were out in the middle of nowhere.   They went back to the barn. They tried to approach this farm house but some crazy farm lady threatens them with a shotgun. I looked at this biker wantabe and thought that if it had been me I would have just shot them.

If you looked into his eyes you could tell he was soft but he dressed like some kind of Viking refugee. Anyway, he said by the third day they were starving. You guessed it. This cow walks in during a rain storm.   They are wet, cold, and hungry. So they did what any biker wantabe would do. They take out their pocket knives and attack the cow.

One of them manages to get his leg broken and the cow runs off bleeding from multi little stab wounds. The farmer hears the racket over the storm and calls the sheriff. The sheriff finds these poor guys covered in blood and one crying cause his leg hurt.

Sometimes pain is just trying to tell you something …DD        

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8 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Oh, you didn't have to. I believe it. I wouldn't expect much from a couple of punks that tried to stab a cow to death... a cow that someone was taking care of...

SeraphicWannabe, did I mention these guys were not bright? If they had a brain between them they could have been dangerous...DD

in that day the spent next to that barn, they could have walked to the next city and stole candy bars out of a gas station... it would have been far less degrading...

dyin2live, these guys were not to bright but they knew they were hungry. <br />
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Actually, if I was hungry enough, I think I could cut a cow’s throat.<br />
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TheOnlyConstantIsChange, Rainystorm, and dyin2live, if you girls could just hold her head while I sneak up beside her neck…DD

LOL--I'm with Rainystorm! This is a great story... but what ultimately happened to the poor cow? And honestly--have you seen the size of a full-grown steer? <br />
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The ultimate irony to me... they were probably wearing leather jackets or vests, right? Did they really think that mere pocket knives would be a match for good, healthy cowhide? LOL <br />
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Sometimes you wonder where the process of natural selection comes it... *giggles*

Rainystorm, thanks...DD

LOL that was funny.<br />
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TheOnlyConstantIs<br />
Change ...Thank you for reading this. I need some one with a clue to commit. Thank you...DD