All Expenses Paid

My brother in law got into soem trouble with the federal government. It had something to do with realestate. My brother in law is not the criminal type. Prior to this trouble his worst offense was  a traffic ticket. He will not tell us what he was accused of and why he went to prison.

He went to a federal prison. Because he is morbidly obese and a diabetic he went to a prion with a hospital attached.

While he was in prison he let his beard grow. It came in thick and snowy white. he looked like Santa. Once he saw a child who was visiting his father looking at him. It was before christmas. Even though you were not allowed to interact with another prisoners visitors he spoke with the child. The child told him what he wanted for christmas. A few months later he saw the child again. He said "you got what you wanted for christmas didn't you" and the child agreed. The child said"Tomorrow is my birthday. " It was like the kid was saying "hey it worked once. maybe it will work again"

steve824 steve824
66-70, M
Feb 28, 2009