I Know Why Too.....

   I am the type of person that if you show me any kind of kindness. If you are just a little friendly to me, I fall in love and become a friend for life. I think that's why I stayed with Shane for so long. Why I kept going back..... He was the only man who was always nice to me. Who was a friend, always when I needed one. I miss him.....

   So unless you're sure that you want me as a friend.... Please be careful how kind and friendly you are. I have been hurt too many times and everytime it happens, I lose another little piece of myself and I'm not all together as it is.... I can't afford to lose too many more pieces. =(



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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

you know what? i am as you describ btu i cant help but fell as well as the loss a sense of gain.even if some one hurts you you have learned somthing from them and can be grateful. sometimes its a cliche but it is true. even if you learn to balance your checkbook from a p*&^k you have learned. i have even noticed what some people lked say regerding hair, my best friend likes it no matter what but my boyfriends varied, straight curly tied up what ever i learned different ways. people call us camelons cause we please our surroundings. are you happy with that or would you preffer to be your own person no matter what and are just feeling down in a rut cauuse every one is trying to stuff you into their mold. there is a difference.