Wild Weekend Can't Shake It Off

i have always been easy to talk to.  Sometimes I think that I am too honest. 
i and my husband went to st. louis to meet a friend,  We had a wild weekend with one of his buddies.  I got intimate with his friend and now i can't shake it.  It is not like me to do stuff like that but for the first time in my life i went with it.  Now i am attached to him.  This friend is moving on and i cant.  He seems so meanspirited now and i feel hurt.  Why do I still feel like this?  Why do I even care?
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

oh, Oldboxy that is true. I am not confused any longer, now it is just considered a fun weekend. That is crazy how time and acceptance change your viewpoint...

I don't have an answer, but I know that feeling, I fell in love with every woman I made love to when I was younger. It would usually pass with time or as soon as I met another woman. See how you feel in a couple of months or after there is another physical interest in your life...and then tell us all about it!!! ;-))

Sounds like you can't separate emotion from sexual activity

The guy know nothing is going to develope from your relationship, and probably want to protect his friend, so he want to let the wild weekend go and move on. What does it take to tell you the same think. I get many good wild times and will cherish them in my memory as I get older.