I definately get attached too easily. It used to be so bad that when my parents were together... before things got real bad.... I used to have dozens of cats and dogs because people would dump them at our house and I would just cry if my parents tried to get rid of them. And I tend to get attached to people just as bad which is worse, because then its more upsetting when I finally see their bad side (which always seems to be bad... and they stop being my friends... that when the bad side shows..). Well... yeah... and, when one of the pets would die... I would get hysterical! I haven't had a friend die yet.... and I hope that won't happen for a VERY long time if at all.
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wow... I'm sorry, emerald. Hang on to that memory, though!<br />
<br />
eden, I hate it when my animals die, but Its worse when a person dies... how *do* you do it?

im like that, but i can handle a person dying over an animal. i feel a real affinity with animals and go crazy if they die also.

Yeah, it sux loosing a friend like that, to death. I met a guy one night that three hours later he was in a vehicle accident that killed him! Talk about bumming a person out! One meeting, and I'll never forget his smile, and dimpled cheeks!