Rushed Attachement

Getting attached to people seems uncontrollable.  This isn't necessarily a huge problem for me because I don't meet new people that often anyway. But just recently I started going to this new chatroom. Of course you're bound to meet the same people and learn about them more etc etc. So this happened for what I'd say....around a week maybe? And guess what, it already bothers me that such and such person doesn't say good bye or doesn't welcome me. Isn't that pathetic!? So what if I've talked to these people for a while, and increasingly I get to know them better. Why must I expect that sort of welcome from them? It is a chatroom! What if I was meeting these people face to face, how high would the attachment level be?

Why can't I just overlook something as petty as this? Other examples are not as petty however. There has been other instances, much longer periods. Years. The attachement led to me having to have a minimum amount of attention. If this wasn't met, it'd just ruin my mood. (the minimum would have been a conversation of about 1 to 2 hours for most weekdays) So I ended it - the relationship. It kept happening too often, so I thought rather than expect to be given minimum attention, why not expect nothing. That way it might not ruin my mood right? Has it worked? Actually it has. But the reasons why it has, are not necessarily casual.

Of course I would have liked myself to be indifferent. Rather than have to end the relationship, I would have liked to say "so be it, don't talk to me properly I won't care." And REALLY mean that. But hey I wouldn't be writing this, in this website, if I was able to do that in the first place.


useranonymouus useranonymouus
22-25, M
Feb 20, 2010