To a Fault

i sometimes go to far.i just want to help people who are in need.i hate to see people go thru hard times.i went and worked on the weekend for a man to get a wood heater for a woman.i bought her a stove.gave her food.i was happy just to know how it made her feel.i have sometimes had my mother yell you know if you give all this away no one will help you.and she is wright.because of my age and size,no one will do anything for me.when i`ve needed help,i was always turned down.even by my church.AIN`T THAT CHRISTIAN FOR YOU?but i manage.i don`t ask for anything back.because those i give to simply can`t give it back.and that`s ok.i don`t want the spotlight.never have,never will.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
Mar 26, 2009