Hola! I have gotten a few more requests for old stories about Bryce and Michael, so here ya go!
This was when I was in tenth grade and Bryce was in 12th. As mentioned in my previous stories, Bryce and his friends made me highschool days a living nightmare. They punched me and shoved me in the hallway, beat me up after school on the field, and harassed me every chance they got.
It was springtime, and both the cheerleading ad football teams were in full swing. We had practices four days a week at the same time, using different fields, and group workout sessions or runs once a week. I liked this kind of high intensity because Bryce and his friends were often too tired to beat me up.
On this particular day however, things were different. One of the girls on the team broke her ankle after a bad fall. Our coach, the football coach and both assistants took her to the hospital, thereby cancelling practice.
I got changed and, like always, waited by Bryce's car. After about twenty minutes, I noticed that pretty much everyone had gone home but Bryce still hadn't come out.
I went back in and stood by the entrance to the guys change room. I heard the familiar voices of Bryce and his buddies, Kyle and Adam.
I wanted to tell him to hurry up, but when I opened my mouth, my voice was lost. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
"Bryce," I got out just above a whisper. I cleared my throat, "Bryce?" I called a little louder, The echo of the bathroom carrying my voice to my tormentors.
The talking stopped. "What Sylvie? I'll be out in a bit, go wait by my car"
"Can I at least have the keys? I just wanna wait inside." I whined.
Bryce hesitated, "Yeah, come get them."
I could hear the laughter begin again and I shuddered.
Slowly I made my way inside. I'd never been in the guys before. I noticed that it was the same as the girls, just with a worse smell.
I regretted entering when a pair of hands grabbed my shoulders from behind me. Adam and Bryce stood in front of me, so I knew it was Kyle. I stiffened.
Adam ruffled me hair, "Hey Sylv."
I pulled away from him, "Can we please go home?" I pleaded to Bryce.
"Why? So you can knit sweaters and bake pies with mommy and daddy?" Bryce taunted. Kyle and Adam laughed.
"No. I just want to go home." I pouted.
"Well I'm not leaving yet." Bryce said simply.
I rolled my eyes and pulled out of Kyle's grasp while I said, "Okay, well whenever you guys are done showering together, just let me know."
I turned to leave but Adam grabbed me by the back of my neck and spun me around, "What the hell did you just say?" He demanded.
I glared up at him and he pushed me sideways. Bryce caught me and put me in a headlock.
"Watch your mouth, little girl," he warned, kneeing me in the stomach. I gasped and he threw me to the ground.
I regretted everything; stepping into the change room, the comment, waking up that morning, everything. But they weren't even getting started.
I cowered on the floor in a ball against the lockers. Kyle hosted me up and pinned me against them.
He smiled, "You look like you're gonna cry, Sylv. It's ok, I might go easy on you if you cry... some begging maybe..."
He pulled me forward an inch or two an then slammed me against them again. I grit my teeth to stop from crying out, but the pain was sharp across my shoulders. A tear fell from the corner of my eye.
"You need to toughen up Sylvie," taunted Adam.
"Tie her up," ordered Bryce, "I've got an idea."
They tied my arms behind my back with a skipping rope. Bryce told me to stay completely still. "If you flinch, you get punched. If you cry, we will each individually take turns kicking the crap out of you. Understand?"
I nodded and did my best to hold back the tears burning behind my eyes.
Kyle stood infront of me, a bag of footballs at his disposal. Bryce an Adam stood on either side of me. Kyle picked up a ball and pretended to throw it at me. I flinched. Bryce landed a hard punch on my arm.
"I said, don't flinch." I closed my eyes. Kyle threw and the football collided with my stomach. Adam punched my other arm.
"Eyes open."
Kyle threw another, hitting me in the thigh, and another at my shoulder. I cried out. Another hit my stomach. The next one came flying towards my face and I ducked. Adam and Bryce both punched me for that one. That pushed me over the breaking point. Tears spilled down my cheeks uncontrollably. I had a hard time breathing and found myself gasping and hiccuping. They closed in on me and I cowered, crying harder.
"I think she's done." Kyle said.
He turned me around by my shuddering shoulders, gently this time, and worked my hands free.
"Okay, let's take her home." Bryce said.
I sat in the back of the car sniffling miserably. I stared out my window, refusing to look at Adam, who sat to my left. Kyle and Bryce were upfront. We got to the house and Bryce ordered me to get out. "Wash your face, mom and dad will be home in two hours and you better not look like you've been crying, got it? We'll be back in a bit."
I didn't respond. I went inside and sat in the couch. I took a breath to calm myself before bursting into years again. I collapsed and lay there sobbing for a few minutes before falling asleep. When I woke up Kyle, Bryce and Adam stood over me.
Thy brought me ice cream. They didn't say sorry, but I think that's what they meant with the ice cream, not that they're forgiven.

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What the **** ?

I don't know how you put up with this all the time!