Feast ...

Mosquitoes and any kind of biting insect will always find me and feast on me.  I must taste really good.  It drives me crazy and it's one of the only reasons I don't mind living in a cool climate - anywhere warm and I'd be plagued!! 

My bites swell up badly too ... eeeugh ... just the thought of it makes me feel like running away to hide!

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10 Responses Mar 1, 2010

me too cass.

Yes, holidays in the Arctic Circle in future - hang on! I could just stay at home lol!!

Garlic in a head band is meant to work ,so they say , the Avon one does work . Try it and see , can't say i didn't get bit , just not so bad . I always blow up if bitten to much . Cold holidays the answer to it all. X

thanks for the tip escher

thanks Reece - I think I read something like that too. they get me on all three then!! I heard if you eat lots of garlic and spicy food they avoid you - but then so does the rest of the world!!

I heard once on some scientific study that they find women, ppl with blonde hair, and ppl that it bannannas get bitten the most.....

Ooh very unpleasant EnglishMuffin. I got bitten to death in Portugal once - it just spoils the holiday for me because if I get too many bites it makes me feel really unwell.

So lucky, michelle56!<br />
<br />
We holidayed in Cyprus once but never again. Beautiful country, great food, hot weather - but the mosquitos viewed me as an all-you-can-eat buffet :(<br />
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One of the bites (calf muscle) hit a thin vein so now I have an ugly thread vein ring where it swelled up. Damn them!

you're lucky michelle!!

me too nightwish ... very few repellants work on me either!