Far Too Easy

I really love the wind but I do get blown around wayy to easy. I really like to wear dresses and skirts in the stronger winds but they can act like sails blowing my back. Sometimes the wind will be strong enough to blow me over and push me across the grass in the fields.
Its a fun yet scary experience for the wind to completely take you into its grasp but something I enjoy.
WindySpirit WindySpirit
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

i would love to get to know you about this

Can always drop me a message :)

Have you ever worn some rather to very baggy drawstring pants in the strong winds? What about some rather to very baggy shirts?

I like the stronger winds too, but most if I can wear something rather to very loose fitting and made of soft woven rayon. Say like my exceptionally very loose fitting rayon drawstring lounge pants. I've only been in soft breezes with my very baggy rayon pants so far. Wished I had a female friend to hang out with were we could battle the high winds and very windblown clothes together. Being dressed alike, wearing similar clothes. Like a matched couple. I think it would be allot of fun to share the moment together with that special friend.