Drama=Problem. and I Love a Good Prpblem to Slove!

 I know this is messed up. But I can't help it! I get bored very easily. That's why I need some drama in my life. It's gets me something to do. It gets me a problem to solve. I'm like Scooby-Doo's evil twin!
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1 Response Jun 16, 2007

This could be an aspect of a 'crisis orientation to life'. A lot of people who were raised in chaotic families, learn drama triangles as an aspect of their socialisation. Thus, they know the script of 'drama', (to the point where they will create a 'drama' subconsciously or consciously, in order that they can function, {as they are usually quite skilled in dealing with 'drama' in their lives, these are the people who turn their life into a 'soap opera'}. These kind of personalities, ofter find the 'hum drum' difficult to deal with.<br />
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I don't know your biography, thus, this is not a comment on you! But, this kind of response, is often learned behaviour, [what kind of role modelling did you have as a child?] Do you come from a family that enjoyed being melodramatic? Are other family members 'drama queens'? Also, it's OK to be a drama queen, as long as it isn't dysfunctional for you, or other people. You need to weigh up the cost of having a 'soap opera' life!